Mattress surfing in Mellery.

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Random photos of that weekend.

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Mount Mellery

So from the 21st to the 23rd of October, our troop went on a grand weekend to Mount Mellery scout centre, bringing along three girls from Kilworth, and their friends from St. Finbarr’s. 

On Friday, we arrived at about 8pm, found our dorms, danced around to my (Laura) iPod playlist and met the St. Finbarr and Bandon troops (crews? Idk) for the first time. Some of us - this is directed at Barry - were nervous about the new people but we all got along really well and I for one made a few friends that weekend. Later that evening, we went mattress surfing on the dorm stairs, which was, I must say, unreal banter. :D

Saturday dawned and we all rose at about 10am to terrible weather and a cancelled hike. We went pioneering instead; the “cage” that we built in those hours wasn’t exactly a masterpiece. After pioneering, we all took off our wetgear and raided the staff’s TV room, which had Sky. We then ordered Chinese, because we’re lazy.

After Chinese, myself and two Bandon boys, Aiden and Piper, wandered into the canteen area of the centre, where a Dublin troop were having a Halloween party/disco. Naturally, we gatecrashed, and Piper taught a girl how to jumpstyle. We then headed out to the campfire, which was honestly the best campfire I’ve been to, and not just because of the *ahem* filthy songs.

The songs included:

  • Pretty Fair Maid
  • Sir Casper
  • "I put my hand.."
  • Boogaloo

and then a random singsong at the end.

After campfire, roughly twelve of us hung out in the room with the climbing wall until about five am, by which time I went to bed.

On Sunday I was woken up after three hours’ sleep by a frantic Katie, Patricia and Rachael, saying that Bandon crew were in trouble and we were all to get up. I had to wake up Kris; a rather…daunting…experience. Meanwhile, Barry and Elaine slept through it all. After sausages, we all packed up and left Mellery, with a lot of memories and new friends made.

Long account. Deal with it.


Elaine’s account

I enjoyed the camp I think it was a good first camp as I got to know new people. I also enjoyed walking with Niamh we were ”as Happy as Larry”. I had fun at the camp fire and I sleep great both nights surprisingly. I didn’t like the fact that we had to carry our bags with us as they were really heavy. Barry scaring Aisling was so funny and Laura and Josh with their awkward starfish. Overall I enjoyed my first camp.      

Niamh’s account.

Am i thought that it was a very good experience. The walk was long but walking with Elaine made it hilarious :L I had a good time and made new friends :) We camped in the forest twice but surprisingly i got a good sleep both nights. A car with old people in it stopped and started talking to us about scouts and they knew more than me and Elaine knew about scouts :L The second day it was raining and our map got wet and it ripped and where we were got ripped off the map and we didn’t know where we were :L And trying the make rice with Helen, Aisling and Barry was also really funny :L The bad thing about the weekend was that we had to carry our rucksacks for the whole walk and they were heavy. Overall i had a good time and it was a good first camp :) 

Barry’s pessimistic account.

The walk was too long. The weather was terrible. We had to sleep in a forest, TWICE! There was no clean water. Audrey wasn’t there. Nobody gave us a lift. The only people we saw were two people with a chainsaw and a strimmers. There was an evil hill. Here is a picture of Aisling: 

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Aisling Says Haigh:)

So i spoze i better do this thingy…The weekend was brilliant (: Even though me and Helen got lost but lets not mention that :P It wasnt our fault though we were given misleading information :/… there were 2 signs which was pretty confusing:P the walk was good but we did come across that evil hill which i nearly died on:P That family that helped us were nice but they were pure crazy then getting to the campsite and all we had to eat was rice which was UNDERCOOKED D: Having a mental breakdown in the road was fun :P spending like a hour on that lovely wall on which we wrote our log but that wall awesome..bumping into helens aunt :P that woman with the little tiny dog.The leaders were really nice. the weekend was really fun i would do it again….maybe next time i wouldnt bring so much clothes :P TWAS A CRAZY WEEKEND :D

Helen trying to figure out what to do:

Okay so this is my account on the whole weekend. And please be aware that it’s not going to be very interesting. :P 

Okay so em well I thought it was a great weekend all in all EXHAUSTING but brilliant! :) Me and Aisling getting lost and going 4km out of the way now I must say I couldn’t stop laughing at the time cause I was soo tired but it was taking the complete and utter piss! Era it wasn’t actually that bad, I may be over reacting a smidge. :L But you get my point. :P The leaders I must say are were sooo nice (especially Kris :D :L) even tho she said we had to do this. :L Anyway back to the weekend I actually had a great sleep both nights which has never happened before so I was a very happy camper. :D Aisling and I had a mental break down in the middle of the road so that was entertaining :P So yeah that’s my bit done :L Bye :)

Laura’s Account

Seeing as the darling Kris didn’t make Barry and myself a post.

I personally really enjoyed the weekend. The walking wasn’t tough; it was the matter of whether or not you could keep going that was the sickner. Having Barry ditch me halfway through the second day didn’t exactly help that, to be quite honest. xD 

All in all, it was a fun weekend. I made friends in Luke, Liz and Josh and the free time was great fun. It was also a good learning curve for the Venture Challenge and/or the Explorer Belt and I now have a real interest in doing both at some point during my scout career.


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